Back to School

I am heading back to school!  Actually I’m not really going back but just thinking about the possibility is so exciting.  What excites me is all the wonderful stuff now available to set up a dorm room or residence; to make your space your very own.  Living out of Rubbermaid® boxes may be good for some but for those students heading back in style there are so many great ideas out there.  Of course top marks go out to IKEA because they have everything for the back-to-college student; Dream Dorms, Made by Students, Designed by IKEA is their motto.  IKEA has affordable multi-purpose futons, bedding, desks, task lights, storage units etc. etc.  Just check out the photo below and imagine yourself spending semesters in this space.  IKEA believes that any study space can be beautiful and that an organized, functional, and efficient work space leads to an uncluttered mind.  Definitely top of the class thinking here! 

                (Image via IKEA Canada)     There is also Crate and Barrel who have taken the bean bag chair to a whole new dimension for the style-savvy mobile student.  CB2 has the Tie-1-On over-scaled bean bag chair that can be tied together for an ever-changing social arrangement.  Tie 2 chairs together for a loveseat; tie 3 chairs for a sofa.  Makes moving the student back to college a cinch.  The chair is covered in heavy-gauge polyester so spills can be wiped up.  Plus, it’s pretty cool looking.   (Image via CB2)  So whatever your requirements for heading back to school are, do it in style.


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