Colour Ties

The importance of colour in respect to choosing the right one for your walls, furnishings, carpet, drapery, accessories etc. can become a huge decision.  Colour means so much to us in our interiors.  Colour can calm a space, enliven a space, and make a space feel larger or make a space feel smaller.  The correct colour can make a room feel warm or keep a room feeling cool.  Heck, the ‘right’ colour in our homes can just plain make us happier, and who doesn’t want to be happier.  The psychology of colour in the branding of corporations is also very important.  Tiffany & Co. is so well-known for their colour ‘Tiffany Blue’ that the colour is protected as a colour trademark and the colour is produced as a private custom color by Pantone Inc.  Hermès is famous for their orange.  And what company is best known for red? Coca Cola. Brown – UPS.  So it was no surprise last week when President Obama’s decision to wear a purple tie (a departure from the usual red or blue) during his speech to the joint session of Congress last Thursday made the headlines.  A lot was at stake for the President as he tried to sell his $447 billion plan.  Creating a positive and trustworthy image amongst voters was important and apparently the colour of the tie would indicate this.  Synonymous with royalty, wealth and status, the colour purple projects power and authority.  In these financially unstable times one can only hope that the message of stability and trust was felt in the colour of the tie.


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