Keilhauer Sign

We decorate our homes and dress ourselves each day in a style that reveals who we are.  Whether it is classic, casual or contemporary – our décor or our   attire indicates our personality and how we are perceived.  The ‘sign posts’ to our character.   Our personal advertisement.  Similarly in the commercial world, a company’s advertisement is key.  A company’s signage not only reveals the product or service but identifies the personality of the company.  A company who I have always admired is Keilhauer a manufacturer of high quality commercial seating.  Well regarded in the design industry, Keilhauer’s signage encompasses their identity – subtlety and sophistication; an insight to their values of respect and integrity, the cornerstone of their business.  Located in Toronto’s east end, Keilhauer head office is advertised by 9 identical vertical signposts evenly spaced in a perfectly straight line with each letter,           K-E-I-L-H-A-U-E-R, individually written in white on a black background.  Very unobtrusive, not garish or competing. The sign was designed by Michael Vanderbyl, an internationally acclaimed ‘practitioner, educator, critic and advocate of design’ with expertise in graphics, signage, interiors, furniture, textiles and fashion apparel.  In today’s society companies compete for your attention with so much intensity that we become bombarded with signs causing some serious visual overload.  To Keilhauer’s advertisement style of less is more, I say well done and thank you!


         Image via Modmissy

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