Modern McDonald’s?

Have you noticed anything new on the horizon of late?  Ok, I will narrow that down a bit.  Have you noticed the new, re-designed, contemporary-looking McDonalds’s?  The world’s largest hamburger chain that serves millions of people around the globe every day is having a makeover, a facelift.  Keeping in line with their ‘forever young’ brand, McDonald’s restaurants are losing the plastic-heavy, childlike look and presenting a more contemporary, youthful face.  Gone is the signature mansard roof, the bright red and yellow colours and the loud tell-tale golden arches.  I always associated the restaurant as a ‘jungle gym’, romper room type of playhouse; not a place to eat.  Instead the new design of the exterior presents a building with contemporary architecture that is subtle and clean lined.  The roof is now flat and partially cantilevered; the colours are grey, white and a muted red.  Materials include natural and cultured stone.  Very nice touch.  The golden arches are still present but not as big of a focus.   Even the outdoor seating is more edgy and hipper looking.  Although I have not made it inside to check out the interior re-design I am told the old plastic seating has been replaced with leather furniture, plasma televisions and fireplaces.   The ‘new’ McDonald’s is much more architecturally interesting with greater curb appeal and I confess that it now gets my attention.  But would I falter from my claim to fame of “I have never in my life eaten a McDonald’s hamburger”?  Hmmmm?  But hey, I like the ‘tasteful’ new design!


          The BEFORE and AFTER Photos.  What was vs. What now is!


      Image via Modmissy

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