Shelter Furniture

I recently visited Shelter,  a shop in Toronto’s west end.  Shelter sells Mid-Century, Bauhaus, Danish and Italian modern furniture.  So often one can be intimidated by this ‘design-type’ shop, feeling nothing in the store is attainable, too expensive or for ‘designers only’.  But as I strolled through the store looking at all the fabulous vignettes admiring the sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables and accessories what I found really interesting were all the ‘writings’ on the walls.  Shelter is housed in a warehouse lending the shop a relaxed casual atmosphere and the first thing you see as you walk through the doors: LIVE WITH THE THINGS YOU LOVE painted on an entire wall in huge, fun letters.  I liked that; sometimes we just need the obvious pointed out.  Another wall sign stated that: ‘Compelling designs are a right rather than a privilege. Where an ordinary space becomes an expression of who you are’.  Good design is attainable!  And written on the wall behind the counter: ‘We recognize your individuality and are sensitive to the space you envision for yourself’.  Shelters motto surely seems to be that they sell to ‘you’ not to who they think ‘you should be’.   Webster’s Dictionary defines shelter as: a refuge, a haven, something that provides protection.  Shelter just wants you to put a      Mid-Century piece in that haven.




                Images via Modmissy

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