Re-cycle, Re-Love

Many years ago I received a gift from my hubby of a black and white leather jacket.  It was one of those ‘team’ jackets where the body of the jacket is Melton wool and the sleeves are made of leather with an embroidered picture on the back.  The jacket was from the television series Street Legal, a Canadian production which aired from 1987 to 1994. 


I wore this jacket for the seven years of the shows airing but afterwards it was relegated to the cottage to be worn as a ‘campfire’ jacket.  This year after spring cleaning my closet I decided that the jacket had its time and it was goodbye.  I am a big believer of: if it isn’t being used enough, get rid of it.  I hate clutter and crowded closets. (that’s another post!)  But for some reason I could not seem to put that jacket in the bag with all the other items that were destined for the donation drop-off centre.  Throughout the summer the jacket got shuffled from one chair to another around the cottage.  I could not seem to part with this jacket for some reason, maybe it was memories.  Finally, I came up with another idea for re-purposing this jacket.  I took scissors to the jacket and cut and ripped it apart, I removed the Legal stitching from the embroidery picture and then had Queen monogrammed in its place.  It now read Queen Street which was appropriate as the scene was that of Queen Street in Toronto of which I live a stone’s throw away.  I then sewed the jacket into a cushion and it now adorns my sofa.  Very reduce, re-use and recycle and my original gift still lives on!


         Images via Modmissy


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