Coloured Glass

I had the good fortune of spending almost 3 months traveling around Europe; to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of Europe.  The fascinating history and architectural grandeur of England, France and Italy had me spellbound.  I toured through many cathedrals, churches and abbeys admiring the architecture of these historical buildings.  But it was the massive windows of beautiful ornate stained glass windows and their craftsmanship that was so striking.  The coloured glass made me feel like I was looking through a kaleidoscope of history.  In my own home I have 8 stained glass windows, they are not as grand but I do enjoy looking through them.  Recently I have been noticing a lot of coloured glass for sale except the coloured glass is in the form of wine glasses.  Now I am no wine expert but I thought that to truly benefit all the wonderful features of a wine the drinking vessel should be clear glass.   Legs and colour are just two of many characteristics you note about a wine but would a coloured wine glass not alter that.  I have always found that if I drank out of a blue glass my brain tells me I am drinking something blue.  i.e. blueberry juice??  Green – limeade.  Red – red wine when actually it was white wine.  And a cold glass of milk in an orange glass???  Too confusing!  Personally I would rather look through coloured glass than drink out of it.  How about you?    

Blueberry Juice??


White Wine or Red Wine??


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