Hudson – Un Style de Vie!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time in Hudson, Quebec.  Truly a story book town; quaint, charming and picturesque.   I felt I had stepped back in time and was strolling through a Dickens novel.  Located along Main Street which ran parallel to the river was the town hall, churches with bell towers, the barristers’ office, bakeries (with the most amazing goodies), ladies attire shops, the village playhouse, farmers’ market, the newspaper office, a school and many beautiful homes built of stone or brick that were well over 100 years old.  And gardens! Everyone took such pride in their gardens.  The gardens around the shops, churches, businesses and homes were spectacular.  Many homes had tall cedar hedges instead of fences which made the town feel very green.  Colourful flowers were abundant.  But stepping back into the 21st century Main Street also had the conveniences of today; a grocery store, realty offices, pizza takeout, video shop, car dealer, salon and spas and many restaurants all housed in period-looking buildings.  As a banner hanging on Main Street identified exactly what I felt, “Hudson, A way of Live/Un style de vie!”  I knew I could live in this idyllic town forever and be quite happy.




                  Images via Modmissy

2 thoughts on “Hudson – Un Style de Vie!

  1. Hudson, Quebec … ah, so lovely. Oooh, I remember those beautiful homes along the winding road by the Lake of Two Mountains. The pretty gardens with cedar hedges and the little shops in the village, Finnegans Antique Market and the Willows Inn. Thanks for the memory!

  2. We were there, too! Looked for you, but we missed each other. 😦 It really is a magical place, isn’t it? About 20 minutes from where we’re staying this fall, yet it’s like stepping into another world/country. I LOVED the antiques shops and Finnegan’s Market; never would have found them had you not told us about it. Thanks for the info on your wonderful blog!

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