Folding Chairs

This past weekend I was invited to dinner where a large group of us gathered around the dining table.  Of course it is always fun to share stories, laughter and lots of great food.  The challenge always being whether there are enough seats to accommodate everyone.  Enter the folding chair.  The trusty folding chair that can always be found tucked in the back of someone’s closet.    


Back in the 1960’s and 70’s no house was complete without a card-table and folding chairs.  The first aluminum folding chair was created in 1947 by Fredric Arnold and by the late 1950’s the Fredric Arnold Company of Brooklyn, New York was manufacturing over 14,000 chairs per day.  Although folding chairs have been in use since ancient civilization in Egypt, Rome and Greece where they were used for ceremonial purposes and were considered a status symbol the metal version of today does not quite garner the same prestige.  The folding chair of today has always been rather ‘utilitarian’ and very lacking in style.  But recently I came across this ‘new and improved’ version that has an innovative design and updated appearance.  This folding chair is a piece of furniture that has style and visual impact, definitely not a piece that would be relegated to the back of the closet.  Imagine presenting this at your table with family and friends next time you have a gathering!? 


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