My Fence Design Dilemma

The fence in my backyard has needed replacing for some time but for two reasons it is still standing.  One – the fence is covered with trees and plantings so you really do not see much of the fence (out of sight, out of mind) and two – I have not come up with an interesting design for the new fence.  Presently the cedar fence which is ~50 years old has the fence boards running horizontally which I do like but unfortunately it is not high enough for privacy.  In previous homes I have built fences with vertical fence boards and lattice-work on top but this time I want something different.  I want something with a unique design, something that is more than just utilitarian.  I have created a ‘Fence Design’ file and slowly have been adding to it.  Here are 2 designs that I thought were interesting.  I am not sure if they would work for my backyard but one never knows where inspiration may come from.  The first design is a fence that I saw that divides two neighbours at the front of their homes.  Its design is a ‘gentler’ way to block out a neighbours vehicle sitting on the front yard parking pad rather than having a big wood fence that indicates ‘Hatfield and McCoy’s’ scenario.  Dried sticks are grouped together and placed into a wooden base.  The sticks sway in the wind giving the fence a gentle appeal.


The second fence is one that I really do like – a living fence.   A wood frame is built and then tall, straight willow branches stuck into the soil are intertwined onto the frame.  The willow takes root and starts to leaf out creating privacy.  This fence is very ecologically friendly for so many reasons.  Plus I would no longer have the arduous task of staining a wood fence every few years. 



So…..who has an interesting fence design or has seen something interesting?  Let me know as my backyard fence needs replacing sooner than later. 

All images via Modmissy



2 thoughts on “My Fence Design Dilemma

  1. Hello Michele
    Seems to me the living willow fence satisfies what you want – movement, privacy, low-maintenance, nature friendly and that you just need to tweak it to make it your own creation. What keeps the willow from uprooting the wooden structure? Maybe it is a type that remains slim and flexible enough to keep weaving it through which means you could randomize the design and get quite a tight pattern and provide more privacy in the winter when the leaves would be gone. Your back garden being part of the ‘bird highway’ all the way down to Queen Street is a delightful asset and one of the considerations in continuing to provide a habitat I imagine. Keep us posted!

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