Preparing Your Home for Fall

Summer has faded away and autumn has officially arrived; the days are getting shorter and the air is turning cooler.  The crunching of leaves underfoot will soon turn to the crunching of snow underfoot.  Thoughts of warmth and cocooning come to mind at this time of year.  The change of season also leads to a change in décor inside your home.   Spring and summer’s cooler and pared back décor changes to layering up rooms with texture, pattern and rustic finishes adding warmth to a home.  As we prepare for the advance of chillier weather and of more time spent indoors here is my list of preparing your home for cooler weather. 

1.   Switch up your summer bedding, adding layers of comfort and warmth.  Pamper yourself with cozy bedding.  Put the cool cottons away until next spring. 

2.   Introduce seasonal colours into what you already have, choose warmer   shades of yellows and reds, earthy browns and greens.  Replace summer cushions with luxurious velvets and faux furs.  Indulge in seasonal flowers and rustic arrangements.

3.   Switch up your clothes closet: pack summer items away, bring forward    fall/winter clothes.  Indulge in a cashmere sweater. 

 4.   Add a throw blanket into a room; wrap yourself up in warmth. 

 5.   Update your pantry with comfort food.  Spoil yourself with seasonal goodies.

 6.   Wear some chunky wool sweaters and decorate with chunky wools.  

7.   Re-arrange your furniture to make a room feel warm and inviting, group furniture into intimate conversation areas. 

8.   Cover bare floors with area rugs that feel good and provide warmth underfoot. 

9.   Create a cozy reading spot.  Read a great book.  Sip on warm tea.  Pour a glass of wine. 

10.   Light some candles, evoke a peaceful mood.

Cooler weather, or rather down right cold weather, is a time to indulge, pamper and spoil self.  Let the good times begin!  


                   TIME TO COCOON!

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