Beach Bicycles

In past posts I have written about bicycles, Bikes for Bikes – July 12, and signage, Keilhauer Sign – September 13, but this time I am going to write about bicycles as signage.  This past weekend was the fall Beach Studio Tour in Toronto.  The tour is advertised in magazines, local newspapers and this year the event was advertised in a new, very creative format – on painted bicycles.  Many brightly painted yellow bicycles with yellow signage were positioned throughout the neighborhood.  Some bicycles had baskets containing flowers and pamphlets attached to the handlebars.  I thought this was a great way to advertise versus the usual and common A-Frame sign (the kind you usually see Real Estate open houses advertised) or flyers stapled to telephone poles both of which I never even take notice.  The signs even had a QR Code for obtaining further information.  Advertising is the key to the success of the event and the key to advertising success is getting noticed by as many customers as possible.  I believe these bright, eye-catching, fun bicycles made you turn your head and take notice.  The yellow bicycles were a wonderful departure from the ordinary and as Bill Moyers, White House Press Secretary, news commentator, journalist, once said “Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous”.


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