Progress Giving Back

Whenever I am in my car driving I have my radio tuned to a ‘talk’ radio station.  I find that it is a great time to get my update of news, current events, etc.  For me it is my ‘newspaper on the go’.  The other day I heard an interesting question put forth by the radio host, “What would you like progress to give you back?”  I liked this question; it made me stop and think.  (But not in the middle of traffic!)  In these days of up-to-the-minute advances and have it all abundance……What do I miss???  Well, the computer has provided me with an infinite source of information so I will never miss out on not having the answer to any question.  I can easily travel to faraway places so I will never miss out on knowing what is on the other side of the world.  I will never miss out on hearing the sound of a loved one’s voice because I can carry a communication device in the palm of my hand.  At the push of a button I can cook my food, wash my clothes, heat my home and turn on a light.  I can stay healthier, look younger and live longer.  Hmmm!?  I often write about the Mid-Century Modern era because I am quite enamored by the furniture design, architecture and style of that era.  An era where the word ‘modern’ truly existed because changes did not happen daily.  Items that were ‘new and improved’ stayed new and improved and were not outdated almost overnight.  I also become very nostalgic when I think of my childhood, when things were simpler and life moved at a slower pace.  When people strolled instead of ‘go, go, go’.  But would I go back now to the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s?  Would I miss all the modern conveniences or inventions of today that I have come to depend on?  My octogenarian Mother-in-Law said she would like progress to give back “politeness”.  My teenage son said he would like progress to give back “a healthier planet” because earth has really taken a giant ‘kick’ from the effects of progress.   So, what would you like progress to give you back??  Let me know.


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