Thrift Shop Swap Party

Having posted many times about my ‘great finds’ from thrift shops, antique shops and curbside I thought it would be fun, not to mention interesting, to see how other friends are ‘thrifting’.  Thrifting is often one of those things that people don’t like to admit they do although in these days of ‘green’ and ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ it is becoming less of a taboo.  Last night I hosted the first ‘Thrift Shop Swap Party’.  It was a lot of fun and their certainly was lots of laughter.  On the invitation to everyone I explained that the item should be something that you love, something that you would like to receive.  I had everyone wrap their gift up so that the item was a secret, hence the swapping frenzy.  We all picked numbers and in order began the choosing or stealing of a gift.  As each gift was unwrapped and revealed the gifter told their story as to how they came to choose/find the item.  Curbside, antique shop, thrift shop, rescued from a pile after a hotel fire, neighbour to neighbour passed item, there was every imaginable source.  With a variety of people, females and males, I knew there would be a good assortment of items appearing.  There were a couple of great chairs, a white French country-style end table, some beautiful pieces of ceramic and pottery, a whole box of current books and lots of other gems.  I believe everyone went home quite happy with their new-found treasure.   Move over Tupperware party, here comes the Thrift Shop Swap Party! 





                           All Images via Modmissy

4 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Swap Party

  1. Missy, I will definitely be there for the 2nd Thrify Shop Swap Party. I can say that I have a bit of my Mom in me as well…love a great bargain!

  2. Thanks for hosting this fun nite out Michele! Both my selects were great, even tho the first was stolen, but hey I started that lol! I’m very happy with my lovely white ceramic pot. And thanks to Megan for helping me get it home.

    Would be great to do it again next year; if I may make a suggestion … we create a revolving host; elect another person to host next year at their home. In doing so the TSSP will continue on for the next 13 years!!!

  3. That was a fun evening Michele. I look forward to seeing the antique chair I brought along transformed to a lovely hall chair. Great recycling! Great idea!

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