Restoration Weekend

It has been such a busy week and I am looking forward to a quiet and restful weekend.  A time to re-charge and re-store.  If I could I imagine myself lounging on Restoration Hardware’s daybed sofa (Belgian Roll Arm Daybed Sofa) in front of a big television with a roaring fire at my side.  The time-worn look of the wood cabinetry and flooring will give a feeling of comfort and ease.  If the sun is not pouring in through the beautiful French doors, I will light the space with gentle lighting from the two fabulous sconces (Loire Architectural Railing Sconces) flanking the fireplace.  If I choose to read I will have light from the floor lamps (Polished Nickel Floor Lamp) on either side of the daybed sofa.  I am also envisioning some great fireside snacks.  And if you knew me well, popcorn would certainly be included.  Crunch, crunch.  I hope your weekend is great and that your space is restful.


        Image via Restoration Hardware

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