My Backyard of Colour

I have written about changing a room’s décor based on the change of season.  Adding layers in the cooler weather, removing layers in the warmer weather.  Fresh colours in the spring, warm colours in the fall.  In April I wrote about my fondness of the moment for bright colours – hot pinks, vivid yellows and sky blues and how these spring colours were inspiration for me to change the cushions on my sofa to match the season’s colours.  I accessorized with pink, lavender and chartreuse yellow.  In the spring I also wrote about the trees in my backyard with their creamy white petal-like flowers and bright green leaves; how my backyard was coming alive with ‘natural beauty’.  But now that fall is here the scene in my backyard is very different.  The setting is the same but the palette is very different.  Gone are the white and bright greens.  Now there is a riot of fall colours – gold, bronzes, oranges, deep yellows, greens and bright reds.  Each time I walk into my kitchen and see the view looking out the window into my backyard I am in amazement.  How Mother Nature never ceases to amaze.  Once again I have changed the cushions on my sofa and added a throw blanket to match the orange of the season.  I have accessorized with bronzes and gold.  Earlier I stated “I love spring” but with fall and its entire glorious colour I now say “I love the change of seasons”!




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