Hermès Blanket – high vs. low

I am sure you have seen in many magazines the column titled High vs. Low.  Technology magazines, automotive magazines, home design magazines etc., etc. all have some sort of article written on product comparison based on cost.  Similar product, different price point.  Armed with this information readers can often make their purchases based on their individual budget.  In home design magazines I like the challenge of whether I can correctly determine which product is the high priced vs. which product is the low priced.  My stats are pretty good.  So I thought from time to time I would write about some high vs. low priced products.  My first items on the list are throw blankets.  Taking the title of ‘high priced’ is the Hermès Avalon blanket as seen under my ‘Modmissy Wish List’.  The Hermès signature ‘H’ blanket is made of 85% wool/15% cashmere and measures 55” X 69”.  It feels wonderful!!  And the price point?…….$1,225.00 U.S.!!  Ouch.  But when it comes to designer label throws Hermès does rule supreme.  You can always count on seeing this blanket draped over a sofa in any of the design magazines.  Although the cost of this blanket can cost as much as a sofa!  I have coveted this blanket for some time but it is not to be as budget rules for me.  Under the title of ‘low priced’ would be my own blanket, my Hermès substitute.   I thought it was a good substitute because it also has bold letters on it similar to the Hermes ‘H’.   It is a cotton/cashmere mix and measures 54” X 62”.  And the price point?…..under $100.  This blanket was more in my budget and I am persuading myself that it feels and looks just as good as the ‘high’ priced.  But it still remains on my wish list! 

   Hermes Avalon Blanket – High Priced


   My Blanket – Low Price


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