The Pouf – High vs Low

Pouf, beanie, bonnet, ottoman, stool – whatever name it goes by this orbit-shaped legless chair is quickly becoming a popular décor addition.  The pouf as I like to call it is both fun and functional, offering an extra seat solution and a fabulous hit of colour to your room.  Of course like many items there is always the High vs. Low scenario.  I have found 2 different companies selling their version.  First is the Beanie from the Dutch design company Montis

The Beanie “a knitted cap that is warm and comfortable to sit on” is made of wool and available in a choice of 5 colours; orange, moss green, pine green, blue and grey.  The cost of the Beanie is approximately $550 – reflecting the High version.  The Low version is the Pouf from CB2

This chunky hand-knit sweater-looking Pouf is made of 100% cotton and available in a choice of 4 colours; blood orange, graphite grey, pool blue or camo green.  The cost…..$100.  Both the High or Low version will offer a sculptural element to your room; the decision is what colour, what cost.

George Nelson Turbine Clock

It has been a while since I have written.  One word – VIRUS!!  But I am up and running and stronger than before. Big thanks to my big brother.  This past weekend I finally did a drop-off of articles for donation to my local Value Village.  This stuff had been rattling around in my car trunk for weeks.  One of the items I donated was a chunky wood (pine) 1980’s era wall clock.  Definitely not my style.  So since I was there I just had to take a walk through ‘V. V. Boutique’ to see what possibilities lay inside and as usual I headed directly to the furniture section.  Over the years I have seen some interesting items (retro lamps, pink Saarinen tulip table, Hudson Bay blankets, and crazy art work) so as luck would have it, there under a pile of stuff I spotted a George Nelson clock.  The same George Nelson I wrote about in Marshmallow Sofa posted June 7th  Upon closer inspection I realized that this was not an original George Nelson clock but a reproduction – but with a price tag of $6.99 I thought what the heck and bought it. 


George Nelson designed the Turbine Clock in 1957 which “embodied the joie de vivre of the 1950’s”.  Made of brass and aluminum, with a unique wedge-shaped hour hand, a simple minute hand and 12 ‘blades’ (or petals) marking the hour, the clock truly looks like a turbine . 


A landmark of modern design, the Vitra Design Museum has introduced a re-edition of this unique timekeeper.   Manufactured with great attention to original detail the Vitra George Nelson Turbine Clock can be purchased for $572.  After further research I discovered that Kirch & Co. is also selling the George Nelson Pinewood Wall Clock.  This reproduction version uses pinewood for the petals in an espresso finish just like the one I bought.  The ticket price – $130.  The high vs. low scenario.  I thought it rather interesting; I donated one clock and purchased another. 


High vs Low – full moon light

Have you noticed popping up everywhere recently in design magazines, design shows and stores is what I like to call the ‘full moon’ light fixture?  A white round sphere, made of a string-like material with a light bulb suspended in the centre.  The Random Light from Moooi was designed in 2001 by Bertjan Pot. 

The Random Light diffuses a feeling of simplicity and lightness with a touch of magic in contemporary style.  “The production process is a special story by itself: a resin drained yarn is randomly coiled around an inflatable beach ball creating a translucent 3D fabric. The beach ball is then deflated and extracted from a round opening in the lamp. At the end the skin becomes the product.”  Kind of reminds me of when I was a kid, taking white glue and string and wrapping them around a balloon to make one of the planets for a science project!?  Available in 3 sizes, 50cm, 80cm, 105cm and 2 colours, white or black, with a price starting at $600.  The Random Light became a best seller right from the beginning but did not hit mainstream until recently.  Structube  has their interpretation, the Globe that is very similar to the Random Light but the Globe is the affordable version in the High vs. Low scenario. 

Available in 2 sizes, 40 cm and 60 cm and 2 colours, white or dark brown, the Globe’s price of $89 and $139 makes this light fixture an affordable alternative.  So either way, whichever version you can afford the ‘full moon’ light fixture will emit cosmic style to any room.

Hermès Blanket – high vs. low

I am sure you have seen in many magazines the column titled High vs. Low.  Technology magazines, automotive magazines, home design magazines etc., etc. all have some sort of article written on product comparison based on cost.  Similar product, different price point.  Armed with this information readers can often make their purchases based on their individual budget.  In home design magazines I like the challenge of whether I can correctly determine which product is the high priced vs. which product is the low priced.  My stats are pretty good.  So I thought from time to time I would write about some high vs. low priced products.  My first items on the list are throw blankets.  Taking the title of ‘high priced’ is the Hermès Avalon blanket as seen under my ‘Modmissy Wish List’.  The Hermès signature ‘H’ blanket is made of 85% wool/15% cashmere and measures 55” X 69”.  It feels wonderful!!  And the price point?…….$1,225.00 U.S.!!  Ouch.  But when it comes to designer label throws Hermès does rule supreme.  You can always count on seeing this blanket draped over a sofa in any of the design magazines.  Although the cost of this blanket can cost as much as a sofa!  I have coveted this blanket for some time but it is not to be as budget rules for me.  Under the title of ‘low priced’ would be my own blanket, my Hermès substitute.   I thought it was a good substitute because it also has bold letters on it similar to the Hermes ‘H’.   It is a cotton/cashmere mix and measures 54” X 62”.  And the price point?…..under $100.  This blanket was more in my budget and I am persuading myself that it feels and looks just as good as the ‘high’ priced.  But it still remains on my wish list! 

   Hermes Avalon Blanket – High Priced


   My Blanket – Low Price