The Pouf – High vs Low

Pouf, beanie, bonnet, ottoman, stool – whatever name it goes by this orbit-shaped legless chair is quickly becoming a popular décor addition.  The pouf as I like to call it is both fun and functional, offering an extra seat solution and a fabulous hit of colour to your room.  Of course like many items there is always the High vs. Low scenario.  I have found 2 different companies selling their version.  First is the Beanie from the Dutch design company Montis

The Beanie “a knitted cap that is warm and comfortable to sit on” is made of wool and available in a choice of 5 colours; orange, moss green, pine green, blue and grey.  The cost of the Beanie is approximately $550 – reflecting the High version.  The Low version is the Pouf from CB2

This chunky hand-knit sweater-looking Pouf is made of 100% cotton and available in a choice of 4 colours; blood orange, graphite grey, pool blue or camo green.  The cost…..$100.  Both the High or Low version will offer a sculptural element to your room; the decision is what colour, what cost.

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