The Saguaro Weekend

My ‘Friday Space’ this week is inspired by the desire to getaway.  March so often being the month for travelling to warm destinations I decided that lounging poolside is where I would like to spend time this weekend.  The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona is a colourful oasis that promises to both shock and calm at the same time.  A departure from the usual colours of desert sand and kitschy Southwestern hues the Saguaro is alive with rich oranges, reds, vibrant pinks and violets that reference the desert wildflowers native to the nearby Sonoran Desert.  In this photo I love how the orange umbrellas pop against the pink walls.  (I am a huge fan of the combination of pink and orange.)  I like the strong linear white roof line that draws your eye around.  The purple building rising up from behind gives another pop of colour.  The mature palm trees give the impression of being in a lush rainforest oasis.  Even the rolled up beach towels lying at the foot of the chaises are bright pink.  And in the middle of it all is the aqua blue pool tempting me to dip in, to relax and unwind.  Pure ‘colourful’ heaven!  Enjoy your weekend.

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