George Nelson Turbine Clock

It has been a while since I have written.  One word – VIRUS!!  But I am up and running and stronger than before. Big thanks to my big brother.  This past weekend I finally did a drop-off of articles for donation to my local Value Village.  This stuff had been rattling around in my car trunk for weeks.  One of the items I donated was a chunky wood (pine) 1980’s era wall clock.  Definitely not my style.  So since I was there I just had to take a walk through ‘V. V. Boutique’ to see what possibilities lay inside and as usual I headed directly to the furniture section.  Over the years I have seen some interesting items (retro lamps, pink Saarinen tulip table, Hudson Bay blankets, and crazy art work) so as luck would have it, there under a pile of stuff I spotted a George Nelson clock.  The same George Nelson I wrote about in Marshmallow Sofa posted June 7th  Upon closer inspection I realized that this was not an original George Nelson clock but a reproduction – but with a price tag of $6.99 I thought what the heck and bought it. 


George Nelson designed the Turbine Clock in 1957 which “embodied the joie de vivre of the 1950’s”.  Made of brass and aluminum, with a unique wedge-shaped hour hand, a simple minute hand and 12 ‘blades’ (or petals) marking the hour, the clock truly looks like a turbine . 


A landmark of modern design, the Vitra Design Museum has introduced a re-edition of this unique timekeeper.   Manufactured with great attention to original detail the Vitra George Nelson Turbine Clock can be purchased for $572.  After further research I discovered that Kirch & Co. is also selling the George Nelson Pinewood Wall Clock.  This reproduction version uses pinewood for the petals in an espresso finish just like the one I bought.  The ticket price – $130.  The high vs. low scenario.  I thought it rather interesting; I donated one clock and purchased another. 


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