With these cold and dark winter days upon us there is nothing better than curling up and reading a good book.  If you are a frequent visitor to your local public library or an e-reader you have probably not accumulated volumes of books.   But for those who love to have their own book collection the problem of where to house all of them can become a challenge.  Enter the bookcase.  That veritable destination of all things written and bound, the bookcase has not been lost or phased out due to all the advances in technology.  In fact the bookcase is still as popular as ever and has been updated and modernized in keeping with the times.  Here are some examples.  The first example is the one that got me thinking about bookcases.  It was sent to me via an email so I do not know its origin, but very ingenious. 

Next is Casamania’s Robox by Fabio Novembre.  A life-size robot that is able to hold all your books thus becoming the new domestic hero. 

The wall mounted Aluminum Bookcase designed by Julien Vidame has a wonderful ‘undulating’ feel to it.  I liked this one.

Similar to a traditional bookcase is the Shanghai Bookcase designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.  The external structure is made of black stained oak but the tilted inner shelves are made of cement.  Composed of organic materials, this bookcase may be recycled at the end of its lifetime.  Very green thinking.

The Oto 100 is a sectional bookcase designed by Pil Bredahl that is quite a departure from the norm.  This bookcase is made for the modern nomad who is constantly on the move.  Made of fiberglass, this sculptural bookcase is easily assembled (and disassembled) into any formation you wish.  I like the style of bookcase that allows for constant ‘change’.

Another option is the swivel bookcase, Zanotta’s Joy designed by Achille Castiglioni.

And I don’t think I could write about bookcases without mentioning the internationally well-known Billy by Ikea.  Over 40 million of these flat-packed iconic bookcases have been sold since it was first created in 1979.  All of the bookcases I mentioned are high in style and personality; a shame to load them up with books.  So as the American poet once wrote in his comic poem, Shake, Mulleary and Go-ethe,

     “I have a bookcase which is what,

      Many much better men have not.

           There are no books inside, for books

      I am afraid might spoil its looks.”


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