Colour of the Year for 2012

I am so thrilled – the 2012 Pantone Color of the Year is orange, actually Tangerine Tango.  Pantone Inc., the global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries has chosen to “dance into the New Year with this Vivacious and Appealing Reddish Orange”.  Just as Honeysuckle (pink), Color of the Year 2011 motivated us to face everyday challenges with verve and vigor, Tangerine Tango continues to provide the boost needed to recharge and move forward.  Throughout 2011 I wrote a lot about orange and how the colour played a large part in my life and my interiors.  I stated that orange is my new red.  And also, even though orange is made of red and yellow, orange has its own identity and indicates confidence and a sense of playfulness when used in décor.  Everyone has their favourite colour.  I would never say that orange is my ‘favourite’ colour but it is the colour that I notice.  It will turn my head.  It will make me smile.  Case in point; recently while having lunch at Holt’s Café on Bloor Street in Toronto, as usual I was more in tune to the décor than what was on my plate.  On one wall was a huge mosaic done completely in orange.  I found this both curious and interesting all the while noshing on some fancy sandwich.  The sandwich was good, but the orange was great.  So if you are looking for a hit of something new this year squeeze a bit of tangerine into your room!


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