Dromadaire – past blast!

In 1960 at the Cologne Furniture Fair, Philippe and Francois Roche meet with Patrick and Jean-Claude Chouchan (Bobois).  Driven by their mutual desire to revolutionize the contemporary age and Scandinavian furnishings they become partners and the well-known furniture company Roche Bobois was created.  Collaborating with famed designers for over 50 years a Roche Bobois furniture piece is above all furniture with a unique character that speaks of the personality of the creator who designed it, with their sense of talent and ingenuity.    In 1974, designer Hans Hopfer for Roche Bobois created the Dromadaire sofa with its ‘variable geometry’. 

Thought I would share this truly fun piece from the 70’s and by the way a dromadaire, french for dromedary, is a large humped camel.  Doesn’t the brown sofa below mimic that?

Whatever sofa you happen to be lounging on this weekend have a great one!

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