My New (Old) Chair

As I previously mentioned my MIL (mother-in-law) has just downsized and moved into a beautiful new condo.  Unfortunately, not all of the furniture she previously had in her home was able to fit into her new space.  Fortunately, (for me) I became the owner of a new (old) chair.  The chair I acquired is most likely from the ‘60’s era; very Mad Men-ish with long legs, a curvaceous shape and body hugging fabric!  I envisioned this chair in my home as an occasional chair that could be put to service in any room.  The existing fabric was a light orange colour that had faded over the many years it sat in my MIL’s living room. 

Yes, I love orange but I knew this chair needed reviving to boost its style quotient.  My décor is on the contemporary side so I did not want this chair to look as though it was a ‘hand-me-down’ or an afterthought.  The new upholstery had to be a fabric that could seamlessly fit into any room décor but still uphold the chair’s uniqueness.  What I decided upon was cowhide.  I purchased an entire hide that is the colour of coffee cream with hits of black and white.  I stayed away from any hides that would have made the chair look like a ‘cowboy’ chair – not the look I was after. 

I enlisted the services of David Upholstery and was thrilled with the results.  David took extra measures to add details that made the chair look fabulous.  Only upon close inspection does one notice that the chair is upholstered in cowhide making it a very subtle detail.  Nothing worse than something that yells, “look-at me, look-at me”.  I love my new chair with its edgier 1960’s charm and I’ve been having some fun moving it from room to room. 

All images via Modmissy

3 thoughts on “My New (Old) Chair

  1. Oh Modmissy you are such an inspiration! Love the shape of your ‘old’ chair and love the second life you have given it. I am presently contemplating a new image for an old chair that I scrounged from a neighbour’s front yard. It too has nice lines that I intend to accent with a more modern fabric. Hmmm. What to do? Please blog on!
    Debra xo

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