Smile – it’s the Weekend!

This past week has been a little grey outside and the weekend is calling for rain.  Therefore I believe that the upcoming ‘colour’ forecast calls for some cheery yellow.  Add a splash of yellow in your life like this Pantone Yellow M colour chip.

If you are brave enough paint a feature wall in a guest bedroom, the inside of a cabinet or a small piece of furniture.  If that’s too much how about listening to soothing sounds from a Tivoli radio.

How about pumping up the energy of a neutral kitchen with the Jake chair from Room and Board .  Takes tea time to a whole new level.

This contemporary yellow sofa from would definitely create a statement.

So wherever you find yourself this weekend I hope it is a cheery one. And remember – smile!!

4 thoughts on “Smile – it’s the Weekend!

  1. Modmissy,
    I love that shade of yellow! I’ve been eye-balling that radio from tivoli audio for a couple of weeks now…Soon it will be mine!

    Your site is great, by the way. : )


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