Martha Sturdy

In the sidebar of my blog I have the ‘Modmissy Wish List’; the location where I place the item I am ‘wanting’ (not needing!) at the moment.  My current obsession – Martha Sturdy resin bowls.  Actually I have been enamored by Martha Sturdy resin bowls for some time.  I would love to have a large resin bowl on my dining table.  For over 30 years at her studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, Martha has been creating statements in resin.  Each resin design is exclusive to itself; having its own colouration, air bubbles, irregularities and textures. The unique quality of each handmade piece makes it a true original piece of functional art.  (Functioning as a salad bowl?? – never!!)  With an international reputation in art, sculpture and design, Martha Sturdy is known for her distinctive style that is sophisticated, minimal and bold.  Martha also creates in steel, brass and aluminum.  Her three-dimensional sculptures are made from resin and hand cut hot rolled steel.  Architectural by nature Martha designs the artwork with cutouts to capture light and form drawing people in and asking them to interact with it; touch it, feel it.

Martha Sturdy Resin Bowl in Shimmer Red

Resin Bowl in Soft Grey Marble – looks like real marble

Resin Bowl in Plum

Martha Sturdy Brass Trays

Three Dimensional Sculpture “Marmalade” – resin and steel


6 thoughts on “Martha Sturdy

  1. Hi,

    I’m sorry to bother you, but after reading your web page on Martha Sturdy, it seems to me that you know her works very well.

    I have a lovely large clear resin bowl with gold leaf encased inside. I’ve read and looked into her history to find as much information about this particular piece, but can only find peoples comments on this, quote, “that the large clear resin gold leaf bowls are highly desirable and rare”!! Would this be true?

    To that end, and my main reason for mailing you is to see if you would know an approximate value for this piece. I can attach a photo for you to view and hope you don’t mind me mailing you to ask your advice.

    Kindest regards
    United Kingdom

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