My Corner Fireplace Dilemma

When we purchased our home the basement was finished. Although many different definitions of ‘finished’ abound! The house is ~100 years old so a century ago the ‘cellar’ was never meant to live in. The basement was cold as insulation was not a factor in the home’s original construction. The previous owners tried to rectify this problem by installing a fireplace. A corner fireplace. Often considered to be the bane of designers! They also had a Santa Fe décor (note the purple wall colour) I believe to emulate warmth!? Due to the room’s layout the only place for the television was above the fireplace – terrible neck strain! Also, that meant that our sofa/sitting area was in the most narrow part of the room while the rest of the space was unused. We rectified this by flipping everything around. We got rid of the [ugly] corner fireplace and our solution to the cold factor was…..wait for it….insulation! In the process of figuring out the best solution as to how the room could be used we moved everything into different positions and lived with it for a while. After a long and dirty (we found out where at one time the furnace coal used to be stored) we now have a fabulous new ‘media’ room.

All images via Modmissy



5 thoughts on “My Corner Fireplace Dilemma

  1. Love the painting!! Gorgeous space. Now, could you come and do ours? (113-year-old Cape with a dirt-floor basement – ugh!)

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