Daylight Savings – Time in Design

This coming Sunday is Daylight Savings Time when we turn back the clocks an hour.  One extra hour added to the weekend – amazing!  In honour of that bonus hour I thought I would share some clocks that show design in time.

This clock I found on

The 5-Foot French Tower Clock from Restoration Hardware is a classic reproduction that actually doesn’t keep time but does make a ‘timeless’ statement!

I photographed this artisan clock at Biltmore Domicile  located in the Distillery District.

Seven by Karim Rashid wall clock in brightly painted steel.  Leave it to Karim to alter the standard form – 7 is the new 6!

6 Libero designed by Riccardo Paolino and Matteo Fusi.  Made of wood and stainless steel, the 6 has escaped by bending the bars of the prison.  Don’t just turn back time, take it back!

RND Time designed by RND Lab.  Small cubes may be assembled randomly on the wall. These white cubes pop against this chartreuse wall colour.  Fun!

Souvenir 6 designed by Alberto Sala.  Keep time in 6 international cities – perfect for the jet setter.

Fatti + in là designed by Studio Kuadra.  Telling time while keeping all your birds in a row makes this cuckoo clock an adventure in time.

The designers’ inspiration for the Fatti + in là!!

Burano designed by Eloisa Libera is a cuckoo clock that is reminiscent of the houses of the famous Burano Island in Venice Lagoon.

Burano Island in Venice Lagoon – the designer’s inspiration

So tic toc pick a clock which one would you choose?

Whatever way you keep time in your life have a great weekend and if you are observing Daylight Savings enjoy your extra hour.

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5 thoughts on “Daylight Savings – Time in Design

  1. Number ! clock was installed in the kitchen of all the homes on my street. Maybe smaller numbering. What was old is now new again

  2. I think the first and the last are my favorite! I wonder if anyone has done research on the right ratio length of small hand to big hand? Visually speaking, I mean. Sometimes it’s hard to tell at a glance, especially when the design is already so out there!

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