Please….Have a Seat.

I watch TV.

I often don’t have the sound on so I literally ‘watch’ TV.

My desk is in a corner of my family/media room so when I do glance at the TV it is more the set designs and visuals that I take notice of rather than dialogue and conversation (that I don’t hear).

And lately it is the talk show ‘chairs’ that have captured my interest.  The style, colour and size of these chairs often reflect the personality of the talk show host.

On the Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres has large, red upholstered club chairs.  The red lends itself to the energy of Ellen and the size allows for balancing on the arms which Ellen often does before she sits down.  (Seen here with Vanessa Williams)

Ellen DeGeneres


The newest talk show host appearing on the scene is the petite Katie Couric.  At just over 5 feet tall Katie’s custom fitted chair is built to her personal body specifications and the white upholstery appeals to her feminine side.  Sitting here with Jennifer Lopez on the 2 ends of a modular 5 piece sofa (used when more guests are present) makes for an interesting one-armed chair!?

Katie Couric and Jennifer Lopez

On the Canadian front, talk show host Marilyn Denis in this particular segment is seated with Randy Fenoli of Say Yes to the Dress upon what appears to be high-gloss, plastic white chairs. With thick seat cushions and high backs the chairs appear comfortable but somewhat ‘outdoors’ looking.

Marilyn Denis and Randy Fenoli

Another Canadian talk show host is George Stroumboulopoulos.  George’s iconic contemporary red, leather chairs with chrome legs are as much a part of his show as is his cool and hip demeanor as he interviews many famed celebrities and important figures from around the world.

George Stroumboulopoulos

British comedy chat show host Alan Carr of Alan Carr: Chatty Man interviews his guests in a purple-hued space reminiscent of a disco lounge.  Alan’s curvaceous sofa and chair are upholstered in teal and plum velvet creating a real ‘funky’ vibe that says “Hey, let’s chat!” (Seen here with Lady Gaga)

Alan Carr with Lady Gaga

Rove LA is an Australian talk show, set in Los Angeles and hosted by Rove McManus.  Rove’s guests sit together upon a lounge-like curved off-white sofa with big brown puffy back cushions allowing them to really sink in and get relaxed which often ‘disarms’ guests into being too comfortable and hopefully sharing more than originally intended.  (Plus alcoholic refreshments probably help too!)  Rove perches upon a more upright chair allowing him to be in control.  (See here with Jim Parsons, Chris Hardwick and Pink)

Rove LA






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