Condo – The First Impression

“I have bought a Condo.”

I remember hearing those words for the first time and thinking ‘Wow’.

A condominium was the trendy and cool place to live.  I believed that anyone who lived in a condo had to be a real ‘jet-setter’ and lived a very sophisticated urban life.

My brother’s friend, a young hip professional guy, had just bought a condo and was throwing a party to which I was invited.  I was thrilled to be on the invitee list and to see inside my very first condo!

In my mind I envisioned the condo as a large space with high ceilings, big windows and 2 levels.  Definitely 2 levels.  The kitchen would be state-of-the-art and the furniture would be modern.  And the bathroom…..!!??  After all it was the early 1980’s and everything was excessive.

The night of the party I donned my best – big shoulder pads, big hair.

Modmissy 1980s

After introductions I began my own personal tour of this condo.  The windows – not so big but there was a sliding glass door to a (small) balcony, the kitchen was a galley-style kitchen and the ceilings were only 9 ft. high.  And try as I might I could not find the spiral staircase leading to the 2nd floor!  After a while I realized that it wasn’t the fact that there were so many people in attendance but that the condo was not large.

Then reality sunk in – the ‘condo’ was an apartment with ownership.

Sometimes reality bites!

Image via Modmissy

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