Trying to Keep Warm

Toronto is in a ‘deep freeze’ right now with temperatures dipping below minus 20 degrees Celsius.  (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit)  Add in the windchill factor and we are talking somewhere around minus 28 degrees!


Just how does one handle this cold???

I am taking my cue from the brave robin who has been visiting my backyard today.  Sheltered from the wind and fluffing up his feathers to keep warm, this orange and grey ‘puff-ball’ has the right idea. Robin in WinterNature shows the way…..extra insulation!Mohair blanket and Mongolian Fur PillowSo tonight I will be wrapping myself up in my orange and grey mohair blanket with an orange Mongolian fur pillow and probably curling up into a ball.

When will spring be here??!!

6 thoughts on “Trying to Keep Warm

  1. Brings back memories! You could toss some raisins out for that bright robin. And at such times I would go to – Allen – Edward? – Gardens down on King Street, I think it is. Must still be there but that was many years ago. And wander slowly through the tropical atmosphere. You would find a bird-of -paradise flower, I imagine, and give you a boost of orange as well.

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