Green and Blue

Green and blue.

More specifically emerald green and sapphire blue – a colour combination that has me doing double takes.

This colour combination really hit my radar during the holidays when I realized that the Christmas outdoor lights decorating neighbour homes that I really liked were the green/blue combos.

Green and Blue lights

On the visible spectrum green and blue exist naturally side by side. (Cool photo I took playing with a beam of light and a reflective CD)

Spectrum colours

In nature the peacock pairs green and blue together for a magnificent spectacle.

PeacockNot existing naturally but green and blue are truly a colour sensation seen in these 2 fabulous hair designs from JFK Salon, U.K. JFK Salon in the U.K.    JFK Salon U.K.STRIKING is how I would define this room decorated in emerald green and sapphire blue.

Emerald Green and Blue roomAnd naturally what woman wouldn’t swoon for Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald and sapphire necklace (created by Bulgari) draped around their neck!

Elizabeth Taylor Emerald and Sapphire Necklace

Emerald green and sapphire blue paired together are naturally beautiful – wouldn’t you agree?

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