Stuff (and more stuff!)

I have often said that when it comes to our homes these days it is not that our homes are too small rather our lives are too big.


I am just being diplomatic.

The truth is people have way too much stuff.  Unnecessary stuff.

I understand that we are creatures of habit and form strange attachments to our stuff but really, do we honestly need all that stuff!?

Get rid of stuff.  Donate the stuff.

If you haven’t used it lately, i.e. 6 months to 2 years, then you don’t need it.

I will never recommend the use of rubber storage bins, they only exacerbate the problem.

Take a picture. Buy yourself a 2 terabyte external hard drive and store it there.  Then get rid of the stuff.

It is a fallacy if you think your kids will want this stuff.

Garages are for cars not stuff.

Lightness of being – try it sometime.  It feels wonderful!  (-:  stuff

PS.  Can you tell I have been very busy staging/editing homes lately!

Image via Modmissy


11 thoughts on “Stuff (and more stuff!)

  1. Good post, Mod Missy. We buy way too much and keep way too much! It feels wonderful to declutter…very cleansing!

  2. The best way to realize that is to clean out SOMEONE ELSE’S house, or plan a move yourself. I’m doing a series of posts on too much stuff, but yours is much more succint!
    Have you come home from work on a mission? What I’m struggling with is — Can I throw out my husband’s STUFF???

    • LOL! Yes I usually come home from work on a mission – must organize, must de-clutter!! Especially when I have returned from a ‘biggie’! And I do throw out my husband’s stuff. No nasty (my opinion) t-shirts or stuff. Actually in our home we renovated the basement and did not build in any storage; we did build a media centre and 1 coat closet but that’s it.

  3. Taking pictures of items and ‘storing’ these is wonderful – and effective – advice. Becoming aware of why we hold on to things beyond our comfort level is also worthwhile. Quite the adventure!

      • I meant “hardcore” in a good way 😉 I tend to be a wimp when it comes to discarding things that I don’t need any more, and these days I really feel like I’m “drowning” in stuff. And most of it is unnecessary! I really admire your attitude and as I look around my house I wonder how it got so full. Time to purge! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Living on a floating home like I do (see MM’s blogs – 14 and 15) I really appreciate this kind of de-clutter chatter. It’s true: we DO keep stuff we don’t need but I think it’s an emotional thing. These things trigger memories like no photo or video can. (just sayin’…)

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