Clothing as Art

Mark Twain once said “Clothes make the man”, which is very true but clothing, shoes and accessories make the woman!

Suffice to say, I LOVE FASHION.

Beautiful clothing hanging in my closet – fabulous!

But clothing hanging as art?


I’ve had this photo in my inspiration folder for some time. Torn from a past issue of Style at Home Magazine I liked this room for a few reasons (ie. furniture, windows) but it was the canvas hanging on the wall that caught my attention.  The wall hanging is a hand-painted Victorian wedding crinoline by Janis as art

This got me thinking….’clothing as art’.  So I did a little research and here are a few others I found.

Restoration Hardware amps up a neutral room with this ‘clothing as art’ above the sofa.  Restoration Hardware

This is a shot of Brooke Shields family room with portraits of herself and children and images by Annie Leibovitz and others.  Once again the piece with the gauzy lace dress on the black canvas is quite prominent.  Brooke Shields family room

In her Seams series, Jean Shin created art with clothing by cutting away the fabric of a shirt or a dress leaving behind a continuous linear band around the stitch referencing the body’s skeletal structure, proportion, gravity and gesture.   Jean Shin

Guerra de la Paz works with discarded clothing to create 3-dimensional art inspired by an essential familiarity with the ready-made and the archaeological qualities that found objects possess.  guerradelapaz

This picture is mine.  These are my childhood Barbie® doll’s clothing that I framed.  My Barbie® doll is long gone but her memories ‘hang’ on!   Barbie Clothing by Modmissy

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