Jeff Goodman Studio

What is so fabulous about this time of year are all the studio tours, open houses and parties that take place.  It is a time of year when artists give us a glimpse into their studios.  When décor shops let us wander, sip and nibble.  One of my favourite studio tours that I have attended for many years is the Jeff Goodman Open House and Sale.  Jeff creates with glass.  His hand blown pieces are both ethereal in design and embracing of the natural force of gravity.  Jeff is one of Canada’s preeminent glass blowers.  Establishing the Jeff Goodman Studio in 1989, Jeff began pushing the boundaries of designs in glass and soon, his passion for architecture sparked a new phase in his career – researching and testing the potential for glass as a structural material.  Today, the Jeff Goodman Studio works with hotel and condo developers, private collectors and homeowners to produce dramatic blown glass vessels and chandeliers, as well as architectural glass installations. Jeff’s work can be seen in public spaces, galleries and cultural centres in Toronto and around the world.  And in my home too – I have a few of Jeff’s pieces, both blown and cast.  Check it out this Friday and Saturday if you have time.


3 thoughts on “Jeff Goodman Studio

  1. Hello Modmissy,

    It so wonderful to have people like yourself to promote art especially in the hand made glass topic. We, as glass maker/designer hardly see or hear about our glass artist friends.

    thank you,


      • I have acquired one of Jeff Goodman’s Compass Bowls…signed by him, not by the studio. I love his work but will never have the budget to have a collection. I will be selling it on ebay, starting this weekend, if you or other collectors are interested.
        It should be in the home of a collector who will display and cherish it.

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