The Christmas Tree

Have you ever wondered about the Christmas tree?  Not so much about the history of it but rather just the idea of it.  The thought of going to the all the trouble of bringing into your home a big ‘dead’ tree and then decorating it!!??  Think about it.  I mean at some point I am sure you have had a vase of flowers that have been in the house way too long and you think, “OMG, these flowers are so dead they are gross” and disgustingly throw them out.  But for some reason we continue on with the Christmas tree.  Our first Christmas together, hubby and I had no living room furniture as we would rather wait until we could afford what we really wanted.  Therefore the Christmas tree was huge, filling the space.  When we finally got furniture there was no space for the tree.  So because I did not want to rearrange the furniture to allow for a big tree we got a ‘Charlie Brown’ tree which I totally loved.  Mind you the tree was quite tall but very ‘scant’ and could hold no ornaments!  This year I really wanted to find a new alternative; something different in regards to the Christmas tree.  Some ideas I came across were from CB2  There is the chalkboard tree. 

Or the picture frame tree.

Or the outlined in lights on the wall tree.

Of course I could always go with one of the numerous ‘artificial’ trees that are available in an array of colours (white, pink, silver, blue, green etc.) and material (feather, tinsel, PVC).  But lack of storage space is a problem at my house.  I am now thinking that next summer I will venture into the woods up at the cottage and find a ‘Christmas’ tree and start trimming the tree into maybe a topiary or a cylinder-type shape.  But this would take planning and who thinks of Christmas in July??!!



3 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree

  1. Can’t imagine Christmas without a traditional dead tree in the middle of my home! Wish I could post my pics on your blog so instead I’ve sent you an email with some attachments. Hope your internet is up to speed & you get them?

  2. The alternative tree works for me! When the real thing doesn’t fit, the substitute inspires some of the same, Christmassy feelings.

  3. While far away with the family this Christmas, one of our young friends decorated a pineapple with earrings and other available trinkets to act as our tree. It was a thing of beauty in the circumstances.

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