More Fence Designs

Last fall I wrote about my fence design dilemma.  Well the dilemma is still ongoing as I have not yet decided on the design of the fence that desperately needs replacing in my backyard.  Last weekend I decided to hang out in the city or as I like to call it I was a “tourist in Toronto” and took the opportunity to visit many different neighborhoods.  No sense travelling to other world cities if I don’t know my own city!  While walking through various residential areas I made a point of looking for interesting fence designs.  This is a great time of year to do some research as the greenery that will soon hide fences has not yet started to grow.  I noticed a design theme emerging with many of the style of fences that I came across – horizontal fence boards.  With my camera in hand I took photos of my findings.

One of the first fences I came across was this one and I liked it for a few reasons.  I liked the framing effect of the horizontal boards giving the appearance of panels; like a Shoji screen.  And I like the colour.  Definitely a good contender.

Next was a fence with horizontal boards that was not framed.  I really liked how the fence mirrored the design of the garage door.  Not to mention the fabulous contemporary house!  Although I thought that if it were not for the garage door this fence could have appeared less residential and more commercial-like.


Then I came across this unique fence that appeared both traditional and contemporary in design.  Built into a brick wall were panels with horizontal wood.  Breaking up the hardness of a solid brick wall the wood gave a soft relief to the fence.   This fence felt like English Garden meets Zen Garden.  I think this backyard would be interesting to ‘room scape’ in the summer.

Then I came across this fence that also had horizontal boards but the boards were staggered.  Being built in sections with very tall fence posts I felt that the mix of horizontal boards with prominent fence posts was a juxtaposition of styles.

So after a day of research I think I have come a little closer to solving my fence design dilemma.  Or maybe not!

All images via Modmissy


The Ottawa Collection by Karim Rashid

Yesterday I attended the furniture launch of ‘The Ottawa Collection’ by designer Karim Rashid at BoConcept  BoConcept is Denmark’s leading global retail furniture chain and design brand with 250 stores located in 54 countries around the world.  Catering to the urban-minded shopper, BoConcept offers very functional modern designs.  Karim Rashid, considered one of the most prolific designers of his generation, has to date over 3000 objects in production and works featured in 200 permanent collections in over 35 countries.  With the recent collaboration, Karim Rashid has designed a complete dining collection from cups and lamps, to dining tables and chairs for BoConcept.  Karim shared with us yesterday that this collection is the “fingerprint of him”; about going back to his roots when he graduated 30 years ago from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada where he received his Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design.  At the start of his relationship with BoConcept, Karim visited Denmark many times and found that there was a similar feeling, a similar climate to that of Ottawa.  So in paying homage to his 30 years in design and drawing inspiration from the landscape of Ottawa and Denmark the Ottawa Collection was born.  Many of the pieces in the collection are inspired by nature.  The Ottawa Chair is leaf-shaped with a forest of legs.   The collection is also about being very practical and extremely functional.  The Ottawa table is extendable and can be easily expanded by one person to seat up to 14 people.  I thought this engineering feat was brilliant. Taking his inspiration one step further, Karim explained that the Fingerprint Rug is literally his own fingerprint!   Karim answered many of our questions; the process of designing the collection, the time it takes to get an idea into production, his journey with the collection.  It was a great event and along with a ‘swag bag’ what I took away that really resonated with me was Karim’s words, “design is about being honest”.

Karim Rashid and The Ottawa Collection

Karim Rashid and Modmissy