O Canada!

This Sunday July 1st marks the 145th birthday of Canada.  Canada Day, originally called Dominion Day, celebrates the anniversary of the July 1st, 1867 union of colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.

It’s the day when Canadians don their red and white, fly the flag and celebrate with parades and parties.  The Canadian flag adopted in 1965 is a red flag with a white square in the centre with an 11-point red maple leaf.  I like the design of the Canadian flag; there is a balance to the flag that gives a sense of stability and reassurance.  Good qualities for a country.

And just as important in the world of interior design is the scheme of balance.  A room in our home that is in harmony gives a balanced approach to everyday living.

This seating arrangement, mirroring the design of the Canadian flag, has a balance to it that indicates comfort and reassurance – a sense of welcome.

Whether you are celebrating Canada Day or not may your weekend be full of harmony and happiness.


Images: Flag via Modmissy,  West Elm Sweep Arm Chair, Eero Saarinen Tulip Side Table

Birthday Celebrations

Ok, no one likes to admit they are getting older but is there any day more special than your birthday!? It is the one day of the year when it is ‘your day’. There are ~7 billion people on this earth but the day you were born feels as if it belongs to you! Whether you choose to share the celebration with anyone or keep it all to yourself the day you were born is special.

As tradition goes balloons are often part of the celebration like the Balloona Stool from Umbra www.umbra.com with its playful personality and punch of colour. With over 500 balloons this stool is guaranteed to make a ‘pop’ in any décor.

Who doesn’t love cake on their birthday! The Modular Kar Sofa makes lounging a piece of cake chair. Each ‘slice’ clicks into one another creating a piece of furniture that allows you to mix and match towards a design of your choice. 4-6 slices creates a chair, 10-12 slices forms a sofa.

Flowers, another beautiful addition to your day just like the striking design of Giovannetti’s Flower Chair. A true centerpiece with wit, style and naïve simplicity in visual impact.

And not to forget – the birthday toast. One must raise a glass and the Martini Chair designed by Zoran Svraka www.svrakadesign.com does just that. A flexible molded plywood chair connected with rubber string is both screw-less and glue-less.

To anyone celebrating a birthday today, this weekend or this month – enjoy!

PS. Happy Birthday Modmissy!

Images via: 1. Umbra 2. & 3. Opulentitems.com 4. Contemporary-home.co.uk 5. Svraka Designs