AGO 1st Thursdays

Last Thursday evening I attended 1st Thursdays at the AGO – a very happening ‘art-y’ party!

On the first Thursday of every month the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) closes its doors and lets the party begin.

1st Thursdays at AGODesigned to engage and entertain the 19+ crowd (alcohol is served!) 1st Thursdays are interactive art nights that feature performances, art-making activities (free nude life drawing and yarn bombing to name a few) artist and curator tours, talks and live events allowing people to see, make, do and hear as much art as they can.  The evenings theme, City Scrawl: Urban Intersections, was to bring Toronto’s diverse cityscape inside the AGO for one night.

Of course there were DJ’s spinning tunes throughout the gallery getting the sold-out crowd  in the groove.

Spinning tunes at the AGO


No party is complete without food and drinks so pop-up bars located in various areas provided signature cocktails and food. The Galleria Italia before and after!

Galleria Italia   Galleria Italia 1st Thursdays

At the Wheatpasting Workshop the evening’s theme ‘Urban Intersections’ challenged the idea of city and space through the practice of street postering creating collaborative murals that are appreciated as street art.

photo (21)

AGO - Wheatpasting Workshop  AGO Wheatpasting Workshop

It was a fabulous night, lots of fun and a whole new way to see the AGO.  Check out the website and consider booking a 1st Thursday event.

All images via Modmissy




Colour – Out of this World!

When booking an airplane ticket do you request the window seat? For the view?

Well Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, currently living in space aboard the ISS (International Space Station) as Flight Engineer on Expedition 34 has the best window seat ever!

And he has been sharing the view. International Space StationAt 370 – 460 kilometers (230–286 miles) above the Earth’s surface the photos that Commander Hadfield has been sharing via Twitter are nothing short of ‘stellar’!

The ISS orbits Earth 16 times per day, so the 6 Astronauts living aboard see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets each day! How cool is that!?

I have been following the adventures of Commander Hadfield and I’m in total awe of seeing Earth from the ISS, the beauty of this planet and the wonderful colours of Earth.

Take a look.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.   Who would have thought that the ‘City by the Bay’ would be coloured in lavender and teal? Golden Gate Bridge

The Outback, Australia looks like a colourful abstract painting of burnt Sienna and deep blues. The Outback, Australia

This photo taken at night of New York City matches the colours of ‘a night out on the town’ outfitted in mystic gold and blacktop. New York City - ISS

The Richat Structure, a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of Mauritania is a beautiful swirling composition of amber and delphinium blue. Richat Structure, Mauritania

Thanks for sharing Commander Hadfield.

All images via Commander Chris Hadfield


Allen Gardens Conservatory

Grey is great, but a grey day is not, so to banish the ‘blahs’ I visited Allen Gardens Conservatory  in downtown Toronto for a boost of colour.

Allen Gardens Conservatory

The Victorian-style cast iron and glass conservatory, the ‘Palm House’ was built in 1910.  Over the years extensions were added on and 5 greenhouses covering over 16,000 sq. ft. now exist.

Rare tropical plants and flowers from around the globe provide a spectacular showing and a big hit of ‘happy’.

Allen Gardens Conservatory


Orange Flower Allen Gardens Conservatory


PinK Flowers Allen Gardens Conservatory


Allen Gardens Conservatory


Unfurling Plant Allen Gardens Conservatory


Cacti at Allen Gardens ConservatoryAll images via Modmissy


Green and Blue

Green and blue.

More specifically emerald green and sapphire blue – a colour combination that has me doing double takes.

This colour combination really hit my radar during the holidays when I realized that the Christmas outdoor lights decorating neighbour homes that I really liked were the green/blue combos.

Green and Blue lights

On the visible spectrum green and blue exist naturally side by side. (Cool photo I took playing with a beam of light and a reflective CD)

Spectrum colours

In nature the peacock pairs green and blue together for a magnificent spectacle.

PeacockNot existing naturally but green and blue are truly a colour sensation seen in these 2 fabulous hair designs from JFK Salon, U.K. JFK Salon in the U.K.    JFK Salon U.K.STRIKING is how I would define this room decorated in emerald green and sapphire blue.

Emerald Green and Blue roomAnd naturally what woman wouldn’t swoon for Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald and sapphire necklace (created by Bulgari) draped around their neck!

Elizabeth Taylor Emerald and Sapphire Necklace

Emerald green and sapphire blue paired together are naturally beautiful – wouldn’t you agree?

Trying to Keep Warm

Toronto is in a ‘deep freeze’ right now with temperatures dipping below minus 20 degrees Celsius.  (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit)  Add in the windchill factor and we are talking somewhere around minus 28 degrees!


Just how does one handle this cold???

I am taking my cue from the brave robin who has been visiting my backyard today.  Sheltered from the wind and fluffing up his feathers to keep warm, this orange and grey ‘puff-ball’ has the right idea. Robin in WinterNature shows the way…..extra insulation!Mohair blanket and Mongolian Fur PillowSo tonight I will be wrapping myself up in my orange and grey mohair blanket with an orange Mongolian fur pillow and probably curling up into a ball.

When will spring be here??!!

Henry Moore

“Please do not touch!”

4 words that sum up the rules of an art gallery.  Look and enjoy but never, never touch.

I understand – art from the Renaissance and Baroque eras do not do well with the human touch.  If we want following generations to enjoy works of art dating from the 1st century to present day keep your hands off!

But sometimes the urge to touch is incredible……

On Friday I visited the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) to see the Frida and Diego Exhibition.  Amazing, you could feel the passion in their work.

But as usual it is the Henry Moore collection of sculptures that always has the greatest draw for me.  Housed in a large room painted a very deep shade of grey, with minimal illumination are the bronze casts of Henry Moore.  The room is very sensual and the sculptures are very tangible.  Some appear very smooth, others very rough.  I have the greatest desire to touch them, to feel them.   But I don’t!

Instead I just truly enjoy looking at them.  Experiencing them.

Henry Moore Reclining Figure

Henry Moore Reclining Figure

Henry Moore Woman and Oval With Points

Henry Moore Woman and Oval With Points

Henry Moore Draped Reclining Woman

Henry Moore Draped Reclining Woman


Henry Moore Working Model for UNESCO Reclining Figure

Henry Moore Working Model for UNESCO Reclining Figure

Henry Moore Working Model for Three way Piece

Henry Moore Working Model for Three way Piece

All images via Modmissy


A Room with a View

Last week I wrote about the view from my kitchen window (see here); the inspirational changing of the view from season to season.  It is my ‘picture’ window to the world outside (or at least to my neighborhood).  Since writing that post many of you have shared with me stories about the view from your window and some even sent photos.

Imagine looking out your window and seeing this view as one reader does!!

Well today, I am going to visit that reader’s home to experience first-hand the view from that window.  This photo was taken last week while the fall colours were still in their heightened glory.  Beautiful.  And oh, by the way the reader lives on a houseboat!

So stay tuned…….more photos to come.


My Summer Away

I have been remiss on my posting duties of late.  I apologize but summer seemed to have had a strong pull on me.   When I visit my cottage in the north all technology and ‘city’ responsibilities get pushed away – happily.

I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I went missing.

This is the first thing I see when I open my eyes each morning at the cottage.  The view from bed with the sun streaming in and the sparkling lake – what’s not to love!

Once up I go for an early morning ride in this vintage boat while the lake is still like glass.

Of course the early morning call of the loon is like nature’s melody that lulls you into awe and harmony.  And even more special if you happen to witness the union of adult and offspring during feeding.

Watching nature – colourful.

Observing wildlife – amazing!  Notice the little fawn I came across on a quiet walk through the forest.

Bunnies too!

An afternoon water ski!!

The magnificent spectacle following an afternoon rain shower.

And the setting sun after a wonderful day at the cottage.

What’s not to love and possibly make you forget all of life’s commitments?

All images via Modmissy


Yonge and Adelaide St

Sitting at the corner of Yonge St and Adelaide St in downtown Toronto are the Lumsden Building and Dundee Place. A picture of contrasts; old architecture and new architecture. Bricks and mortar. Granite and glass.

I always write about change; that change is good. But sometimes change is not by choice but is the result of modification to fit the present and accommodate the future. In 1909 a transformation took place, one of Toronto’s early skyscrapers was built. Standing at an impressive 10 stories high The Lumsden was unrivaled by the 3 and 4 story surrounding structures. In 1909 Yonge St was lined with drug stores, Biltmore hat shops, YWCA Cafeterias, tea rooms, menswear shops, luncheonettes and tailors. But the future was business, and businesses needed upscale addresses. The Lumsden provided that. Fast forward to 1991, more opportunities were needed at the corner of Yonge and Adelaide so Dundee Place was built providing 31 floors of business opportunities. So….which building will stand the test of time?

Here is a photo showing The Lumsden on Yonge Street in 1939.

  1. Photo Courtesy of City of Toronto Archives
  2. Photo by Modmissy