Snow Day

Have a great weekend!

Muskoka Chair in Winter

Image via Modmissy

The ‘How To’ of Shopping IKEA

Congratulations to Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) on the recent arrival of their first IKEA store!

For a city with a population of approximately ¾ million, the people of Winnipeg have been patiently waiting for the opening of their big ‘blue and yellow’ retailer.

Now being a bit of a veteran when it comes to shopping at IKEA I thought I would share my tips and suggestions on how to best tackle (shop) this big store.

(Or for anyone who may be a bit timid when it comes to shopping IKEA read on.)

IKEA logo

Welcome newcomer,                                                                                                        Your first trip to IKEA has finally arrived.                                                                               As a seasoned shopper with valuable tips,                                                                              I will explain how I have survived.

Navigating the big blue and yellow store,                                                                         Initially may seem like no easy feat.                                                                                    But with a few of my simple tips,                                                                                              I promise there will be no sense of defeat.

Most important of all,                                                                                                              Is to wear your most comfortable shoes.                                                                   Because as I have already mentioned,                                                                             IKEA is big and has lots and lots to view.

Don’t worry about ever getting lost,                                                                                     For IKEA has this unnerving dilemma sorted out.                                                             With big arrows on the floor,                                                                                                 An easy way-finding system avoids any sense of doubt.

Before beginning your IKEA journey,                                                                                 With smaller ones in tow,                                                                                                   You might like to use the Småland childcare service,                                                          Its free and yours if you choose so.

Head directly up to the 2nd floor,                                                                                          For this is where you will see.                                                                                         Room settings that will truly inspire,                                                                          Designed with IKEA furniture and accessories.

Now you might need to understand,                                                                                While you are on your shopping mission,                                                                          That IKEA’s roots and origin,                                                                                             Hails from the country of Sweden.

So be prepared to be introduced,                                                                                         To POÄNG, KLIPPAN, LACK and LIATORP.                                                           HEMNES, OPPDAL, MALM,                                                                                 ASPELUND, RYKENE, PAX, and EKTORP!

Now that you are more fluent in Swedish,                                                                        Head to the 1st floor and grab a shopping cart.                                                                    For on this level you will begin to discover,                                                                           All the kitchen ware, bedding, lighting, carpets and art.

Now keep following those arrows,                                                                                      And very soon you will see,                                                                                                 The place that has made IKEA globally known,                                                                      A warehouse full of flat-pack and self-assembly.

And don’t forget to take some time,                                                                                      To nosh on a variety of IKEA treats.                                                                                    For there is lots of fabulous food,                                                                                       Eat-in or take-away that just can’t be beat!

You have now successfully made it to the end,                                                                With the check-out clearly in view.                                                                                     You never got confused or lost,                                                                                          And had a wonderful shopping experience too!

The End!

All words composed by Modmissy




Colour – Out of this World!

When booking an airplane ticket do you request the window seat? For the view?

Well Commander Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, currently living in space aboard the ISS (International Space Station) as Flight Engineer on Expedition 34 has the best window seat ever!

And he has been sharing the view. International Space StationAt 370 – 460 kilometers (230–286 miles) above the Earth’s surface the photos that Commander Hadfield has been sharing via Twitter are nothing short of ‘stellar’!

The ISS orbits Earth 16 times per day, so the 6 Astronauts living aboard see 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets each day! How cool is that!?

I have been following the adventures of Commander Hadfield and I’m in total awe of seeing Earth from the ISS, the beauty of this planet and the wonderful colours of Earth.

Take a look.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.   Who would have thought that the ‘City by the Bay’ would be coloured in lavender and teal? Golden Gate Bridge

The Outback, Australia looks like a colourful abstract painting of burnt Sienna and deep blues. The Outback, Australia

This photo taken at night of New York City matches the colours of ‘a night out on the town’ outfitted in mystic gold and blacktop. New York City - ISS

The Richat Structure, a prominent circular feature in the Sahara desert of Mauritania is a beautiful swirling composition of amber and delphinium blue. Richat Structure, Mauritania

Thanks for sharing Commander Hadfield.

All images via Commander Chris Hadfield


Trying to Keep Warm

Toronto is in a ‘deep freeze’ right now with temperatures dipping below minus 20 degrees Celsius.  (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit)  Add in the windchill factor and we are talking somewhere around minus 28 degrees!


Just how does one handle this cold???

I am taking my cue from the brave robin who has been visiting my backyard today.  Sheltered from the wind and fluffing up his feathers to keep warm, this orange and grey ‘puff-ball’ has the right idea. Robin in WinterNature shows the way…..extra insulation!Mohair blanket and Mongolian Fur PillowSo tonight I will be wrapping myself up in my orange and grey mohair blanket with an orange Mongolian fur pillow and probably curling up into a ball.

When will spring be here??!!

Condo – The First Impression

“I have bought a Condo.”

I remember hearing those words for the first time and thinking ‘Wow’.

A condominium was the trendy and cool place to live.  I believed that anyone who lived in a condo had to be a real ‘jet-setter’ and lived a very sophisticated urban life.

My brother’s friend, a young hip professional guy, had just bought a condo and was throwing a party to which I was invited.  I was thrilled to be on the invitee list and to see inside my very first condo!

In my mind I envisioned the condo as a large space with high ceilings, big windows and 2 levels.  Definitely 2 levels.  The kitchen would be state-of-the-art and the furniture would be modern.  And the bathroom…..!!??  After all it was the early 1980’s and everything was excessive.

The night of the party I donned my best – big shoulder pads, big hair.

Modmissy 1980s

After introductions I began my own personal tour of this condo.  The windows – not so big but there was a sliding glass door to a (small) balcony, the kitchen was a galley-style kitchen and the ceilings were only 9 ft. high.  And try as I might I could not find the spiral staircase leading to the 2nd floor!  After a while I realized that it wasn’t the fact that there were so many people in attendance but that the condo was not large.

Then reality sunk in – the ‘condo’ was an apartment with ownership.

Sometimes reality bites!

Image via Modmissy

A Modmissy Creation

This past holiday my family (25 in total) did the gift exchange/swap thing – everyone brings a wrapped (hence the secret) gift with an approximate value of $10.  Depending on the number you pull from a hat you then chose when it is your turn to unwrap one gift or steal from a gift that has already been unwrapped and revealed.

Fun and chaotic, sometimes even turning into a bit of a ‘sport’!

This year in true Modmissy style I decided I had to create a ‘one-of-a-kind’ gift that reflected me.  Chocolates are de-lish and lottery tickets could be $$$$$$ but just not my style.

Here is what I decided to create.

I started with this.  A Ralph Lauren oxford shirt that I decided my husband no longer needed!

Ralph Lauren shirt Ralph Lauren

And then with some black and white houndstooth check fabric I started to create.  Any guesses?

Ralph Lauren DIY pillow


A few cuts and stitches later this was the end product.  A Ralph Lauren oxford pillow!

Ralph Lauren Pillow

Ralph Lauren houndstooth pillowRalph Lauren logoRalph Lauren label

The front of the pillow was the Ralph Lauren shirt complete with the pocket and logo plus I changed the white buttons to black for more interest.  The back of the pillow was the houndstooth with the Ralph Lauren label that I removed from the inside of the shirt at the neck and re-sewed on to the pillow.

A Modmissy creation now adorning a niece’s sofa!




O Christmas Tree

I have decided that there are as many different themes to the Christmas tree as there are ornaments .

Throughout this holiday season as I go around visiting friends and family I love to see the many variations of the ‘tannenbaum’.   Whether it is a pine, fir or balsam; artificial or faux; or even a corrugated cardboard tree all say Merry Christmas in their own personal way.

Here are just a few of the trees I would like to share.

The first tree is mine.  This year we decided to go back to ‘basics’ with a tree we cut from deep within the forest near out cottage.  It is a beautiful tree with a ‘gentle’ look to it but subsequently not strong enough to hold the weight of most of my ornaments.  So we made paper ornaments and I bought mini-mini lights.  And I thought a tree like this just had to have a Hudson Bay blanket for a tree skirt.

Modmissy Christmas Tree 2012

This is my friend’s tree.  As space was a restriction this narrow faux tree covered in snow and decorated with many glass ornaments that reflect the glow of warm blue lights this tree is perfect.  I love it!

Karen's tree

This tree is in a friend’s home where Hanukkah and Christmas are both acknowledged.  Tree ornaments of Santa Claus hang next to Dreidels and Star of David.  But the coolest thing is that when my friend had me put on a pair of special 3-D glasses all the mini-lights on the tree appeared as Star of David.  Truly a Chrismukkah tree!

This photo was taken through the lens of the 3-D glasses.

z Hannukah-Christmas Tree

Of course leave it to IKEA to come up with their interpretation of a ‘flat-packed’ Christmas tree.  The JULMYS Christmas tree is made from cardboard that can be decorated with the accompanying stickers or your own ornaments.  No fallen needles to clean up and easily stored away until next year.   How simple is that!?

Ikea Julmys Christmas tree

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me;
How often has the Christmas tree
Afforded me the greatest glee!
O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!
Much pleasure thou can’st give me.

So….what does your Christmas tree look like?


My Mother

My Mother.

Affectionately known as ‘Nornie’ to her close friends and family.

My Mother was an identical twin and as close as 2 peas in a pod but my Mother was also one-of-a-kind.



It was from my Mom that I got my sense of design and love of décor.  My Mom had a passion for decorating and keeping a beautiful home.

In my parents very first home my Mom painted the living room’s 5th wall (ceiling) red to coordinate with her new crimson red curved sofa.  Ground-breaking.

When my Mom was expecting their first child my parents moved to the suburbs – a larger home for their 4 children (born within the next 5 years) and more space for my Mom to decorate.

When we were very young my Mom enrolled in night school to take an interior decorating course.  I remember my Mom’s design boards with little swatches of fabric, carpet and paint.  She loved attending this course even if it meant leaving my Father at home with 4 small children – and even if it resulted in my Father doing a quick trip to the hospital emergency unit with my brother who needed stitches after falling on the fireplace hearth!

My Family

My Mom made her design choices slowly and meticulously.  Whether it was the fabric choice for the new sofa or drapery, the shape of the custom built kitchen table, the pattern of the wallpaper for the new feature wall or the paint colour of the garage door, my Mom made her decisions carefully.  Mom decorated on a budget but her home indicated otherwise.

My Mom was aware of trends and the latest in décor but chose the classics.  I grew up with mahogany, wools, silks, cotton damask, Louis XlV and gilded furniture.  Mom took me shopping to fine furniture stores like Eaton’ s Gallery of Fine Furniture, we visited art galleries and she taught me how to identify different fabrics.

I fondly remember my Father every few years saying to my Mom, “Well Nornie, it’s time for a new car, what colour shall I order?”  My Mom liked to coordinate the car with the colour of our home’s exterior!

Unfortunately my Mother never met any of her 11 grandchildren or got to retire with my Father.  And she never got the pleasure of helping her children decorate their homes.

Twenty-seven years ago today my Mother lost her battle with Cancer.

I miss you Mom.



PANTONE® Color of the Year 2013

Yesterday PANTONE® announced their Color of the Year for 2013.

A drum roll please……..

2013 Pantone Color of the Year - Emerald

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”       

As I look around my home I realize I do not have emerald in my décor although I do have an emerald coat (fabulous pop of colour in my way too black wardrobe!) and an emerald ring (birthstone for May).

The word ‘emerald’ is derived from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’, meaning green and as everyone knows that ‘being green’ these days is a very positive thing.  So I think as we venture into a new year Emerald will be a very optimistic and encouraging colour for 2013.

Now to embrace it in to my décor!

Emerald montage

Images via:

Pantone Color of the Year