Happy Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day – a day of celebration worldwide.

While being a Mother is the most important job it is also the world’s toughest job.

The job requires excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills.

Ability to wear many hats – degree in medicine, finance and the culinary arts.

Work in a chaotic environment while keeping up a happy disposition.

This is an all-encompassing position.  Working 24 hours a day 365 days a year.   No breaks, no holidays.

And by the way there is no monetary payment.

But it is the best job!

Yesterday my son surprised me with brunch at the water’s edge.

My #1 set up a bistro table and 2 chairs complete with tablecloth and glass plates at Lake Ontario overlooking the Toronto skyline which by the way is the location where I shot the photo for my blog headline picture.

The view was sensational, the menu was delish, and the company was perfect!           Toronto Skyline


To all the Mothers worldwide I say thank you.

EARTH HOUR – pass it on!!

So here’s the thing I want to state,

This Saturday night I have a hot date.

I plan on engaging in a passionate and mindful moment,

That in the grand scheme of things is all about atonement.

Of what really should be done for what lies ahead,

Because if I don’t take care there will be trouble instead.

That’s right…..it’s Earth Hour this weekend,

So lights out is what they recommend.

A worldwide movement for the planet,

In keeping our Earth healthy and well dammit!

So holler some and make a big commotion,

Spread the word and share the notion.

That 60 minutes spent in the dark,

Will hopefully become a momentous landmark

But it’s not just about one hour

It about committing to using less power

And being more ‘green’ in everything you do,

Today, tomorrow and the whole year through!

Pass it on!!!!

                  Happy Earth

All words and images via Modmissy

Summer Sabbatical

I apologize.

It’s been awhile since I last posted.

I had a good summer, spending as much time as possible at the cottage and as much time with my son before he headed off to university.

But now both my son and the summer have departed.  Sad.

Although I should not forget that September is officially still part of the summer season and my son will probably be home soon enough with a huge bag of laundry in tow.

Thought I would share some photos of what keeps me so spellbound at my cottage.

Early morning sunrise with the lake reflecting like glass.  Sunrise

Moon rising over the same setting – outstanding colour.  Rising Moon

An inky-blue sky with the moon reflecting over the water.  Rising Moon

All images via Modmissy

Welcome Back Commander Hadfield

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield came back down to Earth last week.

Commander Hadfield, NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko made the return journey packed like sardines into the Soyuz capsule and safely landed in Kazakhstan after their 5 month stay aboard the ISS (International Space Station).   Soyuz capsule

To be honest I was nervous about the landing.  A little apprehensive.  After all Cmdr. Hadfield has been an important part of my life for the last 5 months.  I have been following him via Twitter as he shared his daily experiences and his many, many photos taken aboard the ISS.

With 144 days on the ISS, 2336 orbits around Earth and covering almost 62 million miles there was a lot of great photo ops!

The view from Cmdr. Hadfield’s camera lens was ‘out of this world’.  Here are some of my favourites.

Our blue Moon.  The Moon

The immensely powerful sun.  The Sun

The ISS glowing blue in the dawn over the Florida peninsula.  

Dr. Seuss-inspired swirls in the Black Sea.  The Black Sea

A big storm swirling off the Irish coast.  The Irish Coast

Cape Town, South Africa and the South Atlantic Ocean at the edge of the world!  Maybe the world really is flat!!??Cape Town, South Africa

The U.S./Mexican border – this photo really spells out same land, different politics!  U.S. and Mexico border

Ancient Saharan stone, burnished by eternal sand and wind.  Sahara

The Earth’s atmosphere is no thicker than the varnish on a globe. The Earth's Atmosphere

Thank you Cmdr. Hadfield for making the Earth appear like such a beautiful and wondrous place.

All images via Commander Chris Hadfield





SPRING – it has finally arrived!!

Kick winter to the curb and do the ‘happy dance’!  You deserve it.

At this time of year the days are longer and brighter.

People just seem happier.  I attest this to colour – with the arrival of spring comes colour; bright, happy colours.

After a long dull winter colour is the mood booster we all need.

Colourful spring bulbs are popping up from the ground.  This photo was taken from my neighbour’s south-facing garden – and the white stuff is snow! Spring flowersIf you don’t have any spring flowers take a stroll through a retail venue and get your hit of colour from store displays.  The Hudson Bay Company is totally decked out for spring with colour everywhere throughout the store and a SPRING STARTS HERE event now on. 

Spring Starts Here HBC Spring Starts Here

While shopping for a desk lamp for an executive client’s office last week I came across this colourful display.  Unfortunately not what ‘Mr. President’ required but it made me pause and smile.

Spring color lamps

I love this colourful crockery display at Homesense

Spring Crockery

Spring spring is a wonderful thing,

All the colours make your heart sing.

Vibrant green and bright sky blue,

And hits of purple, pink and yellow too.

I adore this wonderful time of year,

It makes me happy and full of cheer!


All images via Modmissy

Allen Gardens Conservatory

Grey is great, but a grey day is not, so to banish the ‘blahs’ I visited Allen Gardens Conservatory  in downtown Toronto for a boost of colour.

Allen Gardens Conservatory

The Victorian-style cast iron and glass conservatory, the ‘Palm House’ was built in 1910.  Over the years extensions were added on and 5 greenhouses covering over 16,000 sq. ft. now exist.

Rare tropical plants and flowers from around the globe provide a spectacular showing and a big hit of ‘happy’.

Allen Gardens Conservatory


Orange Flower Allen Gardens Conservatory


PinK Flowers Allen Gardens Conservatory


Allen Gardens Conservatory


Unfurling Plant Allen Gardens Conservatory


Cacti at Allen Gardens ConservatoryAll images via Modmissy


Green and Blue

Green and blue.

More specifically emerald green and sapphire blue – a colour combination that has me doing double takes.

This colour combination really hit my radar during the holidays when I realized that the Christmas outdoor lights decorating neighbour homes that I really liked were the green/blue combos.

Green and Blue lights

On the visible spectrum green and blue exist naturally side by side. (Cool photo I took playing with a beam of light and a reflective CD)

Spectrum colours

In nature the peacock pairs green and blue together for a magnificent spectacle.

PeacockNot existing naturally but green and blue are truly a colour sensation seen in these 2 fabulous hair designs from JFK Salon, U.K. http://www.hairbyjfk.com/ JFK Salon in the U.K.    JFK Salon U.K.STRIKING is how I would define this room decorated in emerald green and sapphire blue.

Emerald Green and Blue roomAnd naturally what woman wouldn’t swoon for Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald and sapphire necklace (created by Bulgari) draped around their neck!

Elizabeth Taylor Emerald and Sapphire Necklace

Emerald green and sapphire blue paired together are naturally beautiful – wouldn’t you agree?

Trying to Keep Warm

Toronto is in a ‘deep freeze’ right now with temperatures dipping below minus 20 degrees Celsius.  (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit)  Add in the windchill factor and we are talking somewhere around minus 28 degrees!


Just how does one handle this cold???

I am taking my cue from the brave robin who has been visiting my backyard today.  Sheltered from the wind and fluffing up his feathers to keep warm, this orange and grey ‘puff-ball’ has the right idea. Robin in WinterNature shows the way…..extra insulation!Mohair blanket and Mongolian Fur PillowSo tonight I will be wrapping myself up in my orange and grey mohair blanket with an orange Mongolian fur pillow and probably curling up into a ball.

When will spring be here??!!